Wanted Fugitive Heather Inks

"The Nude Model Kidnapper"

Law Enforcement Aids

The FBI Houston, Texas has issued a BOLO and a Wanted notice for Heather Renee Inks. She abandoned her car and it was found under the Galveston Causeway bridge on October 29, 2014. She made contact with her former landlord this past year (2015) asking for her personal belongings that she left. She made contact through a lawyer in LA County California. The lawyer has refused to cooperate and it is assumed that the fugitive knows that she has warrants for her arrest. 

The Fugitive Inks is known to seek out older men with money. She stays with them a limited amount of time and then leaves accusing them of horrible crimes such as rape or beatings. She tells them if she is given large amounts of money she will not call the police. 

She also may be associated with the porn industry as she is now reaching out in desperation of garnering money to stay on the run and live in Southern California. She also may be involved in current porn movies and hiding her true name from those companies. If you are involved in that industry we urge you to report her if you have had any involvement with her. 

Fugitive Inks is known to have extensive family contacts in Deland, Florida being her mother and step father as well as photographers that have taken her picture (s) in the past. It would not be unusual for her to return to the Deland, Florida area. 

She is considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS and is known to carry a weapon at all times with her. She has a birth mark above her left hip which resembles a mole. Her NCIC # is W972661710.