The Fugitive Heather Inks

​"The Nude Model Kidnapper"

Family members tell investigators that she attempted to send her photographs to Playboy, however, Playboy turned her down as well. According to those interviewed, Heather Inks attempts to place herself as a victim and prays on rich older men that show her attention and buy her things. 

She is known to want to live in the Southern California area and according to Homeland Security and has reached out through an attorney. Most important to her is her deceased child's ashes that she left behind when she started on her fugitive run. Those ashes are in the possession of Investigators at KIC Texas along with her personal belongings that she abandoned. 

The FBI has issued warrants for her arrest and she IS CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS AND A SUICIDE RISK! Please note her wanted poster issued by the FBI :

Heather Inks was raised and spent most of her years in Central Florida. She was unsuccessful in school. She became pregnant and lost a child at birth. According to family and friends she became irrational and uncontrollable in her thought process and knowing reality. Also during this time she aspired to become a nude model. An example of her works are here :

Wanted Fugitive Heather Inks

"The Nude Model Kidnapper"