Penelope Carmel Inks is a now 12 year old Female that is believed to be with her mother Heather. The child suffers from post traumatic stress and parental alienation syndrome at the hands of her mother. Who again is very manipulative. According to the child her mother would try and make horrible stories up about her father and refuse the fathers scheduled visitations. She is known to lie to the police and persons around her. 

Penelope is described as very loving to all that come into contact with her. She will tell you that she has been kidnapped if she is away from her mother. However, if the mother finds out she is talking to anyone about it she will punish her very hard by hitting and screaming. According to the reports from the doctors treating this child she is in grave mental health danger at the hands of her mother. 

Have you seen this missing child? If you have or come into contact with her please call your local FBI Office or 911. If you are uncomfortable with speaking to law enforcement please call Investigator Caroline Gear at (409) 729-8798 x 3 at Klein Investigations and Consulting. We will keep your name out of any situation - so do not fear to call us and tell us what you know!

Please help this child escape the abuse of her mother and being on the run!

If You Have Seen This Child Call 911 or Your Local FBI Office!

The Kidnapped Child : Penelope Carmel Inks

Wanted Fugitive Heather Inks

"The Nude Model Kidnapper"